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How to Write ‘Causes (Reasons) and Solutions’ Question in IELTS Writing Task 2?


In this essay, IELTS examiners want you to discuss the causes or reasons of the problem in one paragraph and the possible solutions to eradicate that problem in the second paragraph separately and at the end, you can provide suggestion or advice on the problem. Therefore, it is important that you find out relevant points of causes (reasons) and solutions respectively after reading the question for IELTS Writing .

Let’s look at an example:

Nowadays, people have developed poor eating habits and do not eat balanced diet.

What are the reasons behind this?

Suggest possible solutions to control this.


With this type of essay for IELTS Writing, you have two points to be discussed:

1. Reasons of developing poor eating habits.

2. Solutions to control poor eating habits.

You must discuss both of them by giving reasons and support them with examples.

If you do not discuss any of the above two points in the essay, you will lose marks.

So, in this type of essay, you must explain both the points.

How to structure for IELTS Writing ?

The essay of IELTS Writing can be structured mainly in 4 paragraphs as follows:

1: Introduction

2: Causes & Reasons

3: Solutions

4: Conclusion

Further structuring of the paragraphs can be done as follows:

a. – Introduction

1- Paraphrase the Question

2-Outline the sentence

b. 2- 1 (Causes (reasons))

1- State the cause (reason)

2- Now, Explain how it is the cause (reason)

3-Write an example

c. 3- Body Paragraph 2 (Solutions)

1- State the solution

2-Explain how this solution can resolve the problem

3- Write an example

d. 4 – Conclusion

1- Write summary of the main points

2 – Provide suggestion or recommendation
Four paragraphs are sufficient to explain your point of view. You may use any other structure you are comfortable with but this structure is approved by the IELTS examiners to help the students write in an effective and cohesive manner.


Useful vocabulary for Causes (Reasons)

· One of the causes/The reason is that

· Because/Since

· Due to this/Because of/Owing to

· As a result/Lead to the problem/Can attribute to

for Solutions

· One possible solution

· To overcome/deal with/handle the situation/Resolve the issue

· Mitigate the problem/Notable way to solve

· Can be implemented/Steps can be taken/Measures can be taken

Sample Question:

spend about 40 minutes on this task.

Write about the following topic:

Nowadays, people have developed poor eating habits and do not eat balanced diet.

What are the reasons behind this?

Suggest possible solutions to control this.

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

Write at least 250 words.

Sample Answer:

In this modern era, a large number of people are observed to be negligent of their health as they eat unbalanced diet with no control of their bad eating habits, leading to health related issues later on. It is required to establish reasons for this poor habit and to develop various solutions to address this problem.

To commence with, there are a number of factors responsible for poor eating habits among individuals. One possible reason is that life has become busy nowadays. Nobody finds enough time to devote for preparing food at home which is healthy for human body. Because of this, people are left with no option but to consume fast food. Popularity of fast food restaurants is also growing day by day, adding fuel to this fire. For example, people are bombarded with attractive messages of offers and discounts everywhere apart from the lucrative advertisements displayed on television.

On the other hand, adequate solutions are also available to tackle the problem of poor eating habits among people. One such effective solution can be implemented by the government by creating awareness about healthy living . invest money in establishing health centres as well as youth clubs where people can build their physique. Apart from this, individuals can take responsibility of their near and dear ones to encourage eating home prepared food as compared to fast food which can be allowed, for example, once a week.

To sum up, eating badly is a serious concern as it directly relates to an individual’s health. Along with the steps taken by government and the positive attitude towards this issue adopted by the people themselves can help in controlling the poor eating habits.

(282 words)


Write an essay of minimum 250 words. Use the vocabulary mentioned above.
1. Global warming has become one of the major issues the world is facing today. What are its causes? solutions.

2. In recent times, stress has emerged out to be the major challenge faced by people nowadays. What are the causes of this problem? Suggest some effective solutions for the same.

3. Furthermore, Many youngsters find it difficult to pay attention and concentrate in their classes. What are the reasons behind this? How this problem can be dealt with?

4. Also,Crime rate against women is increasing day by day. What are the reasons for this? Discuss some possible solutions for dealing with this problem.

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