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Band 7 essay sample: Friends’ influence over young people


Essay topic

Friends have greater influence on youngsters than parents and teachers. Discuss

Essay submitted by the student

Children’s choice of their role model is a complicated process that is governed by circumstances and personality. However, I believe that choosing to follow like-minded friends’ influence has become the dominant trend amongst our children. Thus, I would have to concur with such an observation.

There is a significant generational gap between youngsters and their parents. Due to the recent revolution in communications, which is embodied in the invention of the internet, mobile phones and laptops, children are indirectly compelled to embrace a more globalized culture. Hence, parents find it difficult to communicate with their children as parents’ and their children’s background becomes too different from each other’s. For example, a parent born in the 50s will find it difficult to understand pop and rock culture that seems to be widespread amongst today’s youth.

Circumstances change individual’s choices. Parents tend to want their children to replicate their methods and approachs in life. However, children find difficulty in complying with their parents’ wish to adopt their methods as circumstances have changed. As a result, children would abandon his parents’ ways and follow other like-minded people’s ways. For example, parents usually would want their children to marry earlier. This is not applicable nowadays due to a more challenging economic situation.

In conclusion, children, compelled by circumstances and a more globalized environment, would have to abandon their parent’s advice as it has become no longer applicable in our world. This might seem like a negative thing, however, I believe that it is a peculiarity of a more independent generation that is able to think critically.

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