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IELTS Vocabulary: 'less common' phrases

Did you note down the following 'less common' phrases from the description that I wrote yesterday? Could you use these phrases in your own sentences?

  • each episode featured
  • spectacular footage
  • it was broadcast
  • the DVD box set
  • it was advertised repeatedly
  • it was aired (means 'it was shown on TV')
  • the trailers were eye-catching
  • incredibly beautiful images
  • the voice of the narrator
  • stunning photography
  • global scope
  • to film such interesting creatures in so many locations
  • opened my eyes to the hidden wonders of our planet

The phrase 'less common vocabulary' (or 'uncommon lexical items') is used in the examiner's mark scheme. It refers to any vocabulary that examiners don't expect most candidates to use. But this doesn't mean 'difficult' words; it means the kind of 'natural' phrases that native speakers use. A good example is "DVD box set" - this isn't a difficult phrase, but it's something that English learners might not be expected to use.

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