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Recent Exam Question in IELTS Writing Task 2 – Essay (Leisure Time for Children)

In the IELTS writing task 2 question, you will be given 40 minutes and you have to write minimum 250 words, for sure. Writing less than this would be penalized by the examiner. At the same time, it is essential to cover up all the essential parts of the question effectively. Now, let us try to attempt the following IELTS writing task 2.


In many countries, school-age children spend their free time doing homework. Is it a good or a bad thing? Give examples based on your own experience.

Sample Answer:

It is a common trend in a number of countries that school students prefer doing their school homework even during their leisure time which is not a good thing as it would be affecting their health if they do not participate in other activities such as sports or entertainment.

To begin with, it is prevalent in many countries that children studying in schools spend a lot of their time in completing homework. The reason is that they are over-burned to complete extra work on every subject such as Science, Mathematics, and others. In order to meet the deadlines, they are left with no option but to do their homework. In addition to this, competition is another major reason. To beat the growing competition, children are made to devote a maximum number of hours towards studies to achieve great results. For example, getting even 90% score is not sufficient since there is a large crowd of students who are already gaining 98% marks. To beat that 8% margin, they spend hours overnight committing more time.

Further to this, this increasing trend among the kids studying in schools is pathetic as it is compromising on their health. Firstly, students do not skip to perform any physical activity such as playing cricket, basketball and other sports. Thus, they would not be able to give sufficient time towards their health and fitness. In addition to this, entertainment and fun related activities such as playing a musical instrument, dancing and others would be limited, so their school life would end up in boredom.

Overall, it can be said that it is not appropriate for the students to spend most of the time in doing homework. They should rather be allowed to give balanced time for performing all types of activities.

(293 words)
You can notice the below words or phrases to write the above IELTS writing task 2 question effectively:

Useful Connectives:

  • For example
  • Firstly
  • Overall
  • Further to this
  • In addition to this
  • To begin with
  • It is a common trend
  • The reason is that
  • Another major reason


Useful Vocabulary:

  • Leisure
  • Prevalent
  • Over-burned
  • Boredom
  • Pathetic
  • Compromising
  • Committing

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