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Recent Exam Question in IELTS Writing Task 1 (Unable to Accommodate Friend)


Write a letter to the hotel manager to make arrangements for hosting a party for one of your friends. In your letter


– tell the manager about the reason for the party

– explain what requirements you have

– ask about the availability of facilities and the menu

Dear Sir/Mam,


I am writing this letter to inform that I am holding a party in the next week on Sunday and to book your hotel for the same.

I am conducting a grand party on the occasion of my son’s birthday. It is the 10th birthday of my beloved son and I want to make it really memorable for him. It is his wish that he could invite his friends on this birthday party and this is the reason I want to make it as grand as possible.


I am planning to invite around 200 people in the party including my friends and relatives. Apart from this, my neighbours and classmates of my son along with their families will be invited. Please book a hall according to the required space and catering service which must include fast food such as burger, noodles and others for the tea time along with traditional food to be served in the lunch.


I, therefore, want you to please inform me whether space is available in your hotel for the same and the charges to be paid as well. Other than this, please also make the menu list of items available to me in reply to the letter apart from the dishes mentioned above.


Yours faithfully,

Kavita Mishra

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