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Recent Exam Question in IELTS Speaking Test – Perfect Job


Preparation for IELTS speaking test requires you to put immense efforts so that you are able to give your best on the day of your exam. If your preparation of IELTS speaking exam is almost over, you can practice some of the recently asked speaking cue cards, which can be a good way of determining your preparation levels and to eradicate any flaws, right before the IELTS speaking test. So, let us try the latest cue card asked by the IELTS examiner in speaking test. Firstly, prepare for the below cue card for maximum 1 minute only and then you can start speaking when recording begins (use sound recorder mobile app).

Describe a job which you think is perfect for you.

·         What job this is

·         Why did you select this job

·         What skills are required to do this job

Explain why you think this job is perfect for you
Now, you can firstly play your saved recording and analyse your performance in this mock IELTS speaking test. Then read the following model answer and compare it with your speaking response.

Model Answer:

Since the days of my college studies, I had always been dreaming of doing web designing job and I consider the occupation of a web designer to be the perfect job for me.

I chose to pursue my career as web designer for various reasons. First of allcreativity is in my roots that I could not resist myself from joining a job which required artistic skills. Secondly, I am extremely interested in designing web pages, brochures, magazines and many other things in my day to day life. Last but not the least, job of a web designer is very challenging as you need to think out of the box for developing a new design every time you take up a project. Overcoming difficulties and challenges involve fun and this is the reason why this job interests me a lot.

Working as web designer requires you to be creative and innovative, as I said earlier also. Apart from this, you should be able to communicate well with the clients for gathering all the requirements and with colleagues too, for collaborative team work. Programming is actually the basic skill required for this job along with the good knowledge of image editing software such as Adobe Photoshop.

Since I am well equipped with all these skills, I think this job is perfectly suitable to my profile and I am really satisfied to be in this occupation.

IELTS Speaking Test Useful Tips:

In this IELTS speaking test, following are some tips on vocabulary and ideas that are helpful:


·         I had always been dreaming of

·         This is the reason why

·         I am well equipped with

·         I am really satisfied

·         Perfectly suitable


·         Creativity is in my roots

·         Think out of the box

·         Foot in the door


Creative/innovative/gathering/collaborative/qualification/experience/ practical/theoretical/demonstrate commitment/dedication/passion/exciting role/dream job

First of all/secondly/lastly/last but not the least/apart from this/other than this/not only this…..but

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