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Recent Exam Question in IELTS Speaking Part 3 – Follow Up (Friendship)


Let us try out the following IELTS Speaking Part 3 section that appeared in November. You can first read the question and record your response. Then you can compare your answer with the sample answer below.


Do you think childhood friendship can last for long?


Yes, I truly believe that childhood friendship can last forever since in childhood, we make friends without any condition or selfishness. Being a child, one is innocent and thus, one is able to find friends according to one’s liking and disliking. However, in adulthood, there are a number of factors that are responsible to choose someone as friend, for example, appearance, status, wealth etc.


Is it important that people should have good friendship while at work?


Definitely, it is essential for people to have friendship at the workplace because if you are being treated as a good friend, you can work better being surrounded by a positive work environment. It is even important for those employees who work in teams as they are able to achieve their targets and goals if they know each other well being friends.


Do you think companies should let the employees gather together for socializing in order to be successful?


Yes, I think that companies should allow the employees to socialize with each other because in this way, they are able to understand each other well and they would be able to work in stress-free environment as well as able to effectively achieve their targets set on their jobs. For example, employees of some companies discuss about projects during their lunch hours and since they mix up well, they are able to deliver their best at work.


Did you ever see a celebrity in your life?


Yeah, I happened to see a celebrity recently in a music show. I got the chance to see the famous singer Arijit in his music performance in a big hotel in Mumbai. Since I am his big fan, I bought tickets for his show and was able to see him performing live among the audience. It was such a mesmerising performance that I would never be able to forget this moment in my life.


Do you remember the friends you had made in childhood?


Yes, I very well remember my childhood friends. They are actually in touch with me every time though social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp. A number of times we meet together in family functions and festivals to celebrate. The kind of friendship we had since childhood, we cannot forget at all and we would continue this in the future as well.


Is it easy to make friends now as compared to the past?


I think it is comparatively easy to make friends now as compared to the ancient times when there never used to be so much technology available and the mode of communication had no existence at all. But now, you have social media websites where you can make new friends within seconds. For example, Facebook is the website where people send requests to each other and become friends in no time.


What are the important qualities of a good friend?


A good friend should, first of all, be trustworthy and honest. If you cannot trust someone, he cannot be your true friend. Apart from these qualities, a friend should be understanding and helpful so that he can help you at the time you face any difficulty or troublesome situation in your life. Let’s say, if you need money, a good friend would help you with the money you can borrow at the time of financial constraints.

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