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Recent Exam Question in IELTS Speaking Part 2 (Talk About a Course)


Let us try to solve one of the IELTS speaking cue cards that was reported by a candidate.
IELTS Speaking Cue Card
Talk about a course that you would like to take if it was available in your country. Please say

  • Why would you like to learn about this?
  • Do you think other people should take this course too?
  • What can be done to make it available?

Sample Answer:

I want to talk about the degree course in technical writing which I think I would enrol if it was available in India. The reason is that the profession of technical writing is in huge demand nowadays. In almost all the fields,  whether it is computer science, biology, mathematics, pharmacy or any industry, there is always a requirement of a content writer who can develop content in the form of brochures, emails, blogs, websites, social media posts, technical manuals, newsletters and many more such stuff.

I do believe that a number of people should enrol in this course as this career of being a technical writer is not restricted to a particular industry but its demand lies in the international job market as well. By enrolling in this degree course, many people can find employment opportunities after they complete their graduation.

Though there are short term courses available in writing, there is perhaps no degree programme. So, government should take initiative towards this to instruct the Education Minister for implementing this plan into action. The directors of colleges should take this forward while common people can put their concerns towards the respective authorities.
Useful Vocabulary:
You may notice the use of following words or phrases for the above type of IELTS speaking cue card:

  • The reason is that
  • I do believe that
  • Initiative
  • Instruct
  • Implementing
  • Respective authorities

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