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Recent Exam Question in IELTS Speaking Part 1 (Sharing Toys)


IELTS Speaking part 1 consists of questions that start from your introduction such as your name, place, work etc. to warm you up and make you feel comfortable, and then progress to the questions about your likings, disliking and hobbies. Let us practice some recently asked questions in the part 1 section of IELTS speaking which were reported by a student who gave his exam. It is recommended that you first read the question, answer it yourself and then read the following answers to make comparison of your answers with them. Remember that you do not get time to think here in this section and your answer, thus, should be spontaneous.


Do you think children should share toys?

Yes, definitely. If children share their toys, they would learn the habit of sharing things among each other. It is nothing but learning with fun and would help them to learn good lessons of life. They would grow up to be gentle persons and the thought of sharing things would inculcate in them the sense of responsibility which is required to be good citizens in the society. Hence, it is good if kids share their toys with each other.

What do you think is the impact of sharing toys between children?

As I said earlier also, it is a good practice to let the children share their toys. The biggest impact it can have on the kids is that they would be learning on how to work in group and exchange things with others. It would keep them away from the habit of being highly possessive about the things they own and they would learn the lesson of humanity that good humans help each other by sharing things.

What can you tell about difference between the toys before and toys nowadays?

Toys have really got changed a lot due to the latest technology used for manufacturing these toys. Now, toys are clear and exact illustrations of the cartoon characters rather than rough images that were available earlier in the market. Secondly, children are now made to play with educational toys such as mini-piano, mini-computer and other such high-tech things so that they can learn with fun.

How would toys help in the development of children?

Playing with toys helps a child to develop various skills such as creativity, art, imagination and so on. Different types of toys can be meant for different purposes. For example, a small piano device can help the child learn music and be familiar with different types of rhythms in music. In this way, they can even learn with fun activities.
Below are the useful words/phrases for the above type of questions in IELTS Speaking Part 1:

  • Inculcate
  • Illustrations
  • Educational
  • Creativity
  • Imagination
  • Awareness
  • Highly possessive
  • Lesson of humanity
  • Sense of responsibility



  • Now/Thus/therefore/hence
  • Firstly/secondly/lastly
  • The biggest impact/the major influence
  • For example/for instance
  • Yes, definitely/yes, I think so/yeah, I do believe so
  • As I said earlier also
  • It is due to the
  • If…… , they………

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