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Mentors are Hiding These 4 Tips Which Can Improve Your IELTS Score


There are several institutes providing IELTS training and thousands of mentors are available to train for IELTS exam. You must be enrolled and under guidance from an IELTS mentor or you might be thinking of registering yourself for an IELTS training programme. But there are some most important yet basic tips that even your IELTS mentor might not have disclosed with you. Let us reveal these hidden secret tips and discuss about them in detail.

Information Flows in Same Order in IELTS Listening

Many students keep on practicing the IELTS listening practice tests with the misconception that information in the audio conversation may be flowing in any order of questions. For this reason, they are more stressed and are not able to listen well in an ineffective way, thus leading to either skipping the audio or losing their concentration. Hence, make sure that your concentration flows with the order of the questions written in the listening test paper and in this way, you would never skip any part of the audio.

You Find Answers in Same Order in IELTS Reading

The way some students are not made aware about the flow of audio information in listening, some of the students are also not sure if they would find answers from the passage in the order of the questions in IELTS reading exam. Being unaware of the most essential thing, students go through the whole passage and waste their time. Instead of this, if they try to find answers one after the other in the passage, they would not only save time but would find the answers correctly as well.

Writing Free from Grammar Error Boosts Score in IELTS Writing

In case of many students, the most essential thing that makes the student score less than 6 Band in IELTS writing is grammar. Even though they understand the question and answer relevantly, they make many silly grammar mistakes, which if ignored can cost you your band score. If you have been struggling hard to score at least 6 Band, make sure you are writing correctly as far as grammar is concerned. In order to improve your band score from 5 to 6, you need to learn grammar, tense and correct sentence structure.

Practicing by Recording Your Voice Really Helps in Improving Score in IELTS Speaking

Students believe that practicing IELTS speaking test with face to face conversation is the only way to prepare well in the speaking exam in IELTS. But this is not true since self-practice is also one of the very effective methodologies to improve your speaking skills. Recording your voice using sound recorder on phone or on the computer is the perfect way of getting great results in IELTS speaking. This may not be disclosed to you by your mentor but it works best when you listen to your recorded voice and analyse your mistakes, and then try to control all those mistakes in your next speaking attempt. This is one of the practical solutions in improving band score in IELTS speaking.

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