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Memory Palace Practice #2: The future world


Try to imagine a story including all the new words below

1. abundance
2. invertebrate
3. versatile
4. alleviation
5. horticulturist 

Sample answer

Dear human! I am from the future world.

In my world, I have magic, I can fly from the planet to other planets. Moreover, with a magic wand and I can make impossibility into a possibility. Sounds like "Harry Potter". It is the best versatile tool that I like most. So that is the reason why I can live in abundance life. I can build a small planet with a thousand stars, I can play with Venus, Mars, Jupiter, etc. and do other fantastic things that you can't image. And my duty always associated with the universe.

The Earth is a beautiful planet. Thus, I am really interested and want to explore more. In the other hand, humans are destroying the Earth such as cut trees down, take the country to war, build many factories without worry about environment, you are not only waste a lot of resources, but also can eat anything including invertebrate animals. 

However, some part of human activities, they are striving to save the Earth, They are hero, love nature and do wonderful things. I have to say that you have been doing some great work.

In my world, we respect everything, we can guess the future, therefore, Human should think about it and save the Earth. If not, you have to learn how to live in earthquake, tsunami, flood, drought, disease, lack of many things and find the way how to solve hunger eradication and poverty alleviation in the future. You had better hold the responsibility for what you did.

One day I met a horticulturist from nowhere, instead of people in crowded and noisy cities, they often tend to follow a high-teach industry, fashion vogue, etc. And he told me that "Nowsaday, human become demon, I hope human can live a life with a big love and never hurt anyone".

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