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IELTS Writing Task 2: paragraph ordering exercise

Put the five sentences below in the correct order to create a paragraph. You'll need to think about the best logical order for the sentences.

Topic: The effects of smaller families on children.


A) The absence of adult family members can mean that friends, television and the Internet become the primary influences on children’s behaviour.

B) As families become smaller, the traditional family support network is disappearing, and this can have a negative impact on children as they grow up.

C) It is no surprise that the decline of the extended family has been linked to a rise in psychological and behavioural problems amongst young people.

D) In a nuclear family or single parent household, childcare becomes an expensive and stressful part of daily life.

E) Without the help of grandparents or aunts and uncles, busy parents must rely on babysitters, nannies and after-school clubs to take care of younger children, while older children may be left alone after school and during holidays.


Tip: If you need help, look at the essay plan in this lesson.

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