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IELTS Writing Task 2: essay analysis

You can learn a lot by analysing a well-written essay. Here's a quick analysis of the essay that I shared last Wednesday:

As usual, I wrote 4 paragraphs containing 13 sentences in total. If you always follow the same writing method, you'll feel confident that you know exactly how to write your essay in the exam. If you have time, look at my 13 sentences again and analyse what each one is doing.

I consider task 2 essays (like the one I wrote) to be "high school style" essays, rather than "university level" essays. This is because we're writing about our own ideas and opinions; we don't have access to any research. Task 2 essays should be clear and easy to read, with a focus on relevant ideas and good 'topic vocabulary'. You won't have time to develop the kind of detailed arguments that a university teacher would expect, so imagine that you're writing for your high school teacher!

IELTS students often worry too much about grammar; they think that they need to fill their essays with passives, conditionals, compound sentences, complex sentences etc. I tell my students not to think about those things. Instead, we focus on vocabulary: expressing our ideas well and making sure that we answer the question. Vocabulary (ideas) was my main focus when I wrote the essay.

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