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IELTS Vocabulary: review

 Let's review the good vocabulary from this week's writing and speaking lessons. First, some phrases from my task 2 essay:

  • are becoming a common feature of
  • Internet-based learning
  • less direct interaction
  • the opportunity to engage face-to-face with
  • rely on written forms of communication
  • come into direct contact with
  • a negative impact on peer support
  • chatting through website forum areas
  • element of competition
  • study in a flexible way
  • cover the material at their own pace
  • revenues for institutions
  • regardless of age, location, ability and background
  • enrolled on an online MBA course

Second, some phrases from Friday's speaking lesson:

  • just down the road
  • a bite to eat
  • I found myself getting distracted
  • a change of scenery
  • made the short walk
  • just the right level of background noise
  • over the course of the afternoon
  • takes a lot of pride in making
  • avoid drinking too much caffeine
  • on that occasion
  • the atmosphere and noise level
  • focus on my work without distractions

Note: You should see a difference in 'tone' (i.e. how formal or informal something is) between the two lists of phrases above. Can you see what I mean?

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