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IELTS Vocabulary: review of the week

Here's a list of some of the good words and phrases that I've used in my blog lessons this week:

  • certain special occasions
  • is likely to have (meaning 'probably has')
  • you would hope that (common expression meaning 'hopefully')
  • the end result
  • a set of stunning photographs
  • thinking back to... (this is a nice way to give a personal example)
  • knew exactly what he was doing
  • the bride, groom and guests
  • (can't) trust an amateur
  • a once-in-a-lifetime event
  • a shift towards eating fast food less frequently
  • restaurants = outlets = establishments
  • at the other end of the scale
  • the weekly fast food habit
  • became a monthly or twice monthly habit
  • historical events
  • a sense of continuity across the generations
  • passing down knowledge
  • a consistent curriculum
  • limits to the teaching scope
  • visit key locations

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