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IELTS Vocabulary: investigate!

Whenever you see a new word or phrase, it's a good idea to investigate. By this I mean that you should search for the word or phrase online, and see how it is used in a variety of sentences.

For example, take this phrase from yesterday's lesson: "I'm not one for...". If you search for this phrase on Google, you'll see examples like:

  • I'm not one for complaining, but...
  • I'm not one for writing reviews, but...
  • I'm not one for settling for mediocrity.
  • I'm not one for love songs.
  • I'm not one for celeb news.
  • I'm not one for too much structure.

I think you need to see five or more examples of a new phrase before you start to really see how you could use it yourself. Can you see any 'rules' for the phrase "I'm not one for"? Can you explain what it means? Can you use it in your own sentences?

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