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IELTS Vocabulary: essay review

Here's the 'band 7-9' vocabulary from the essay that I shared on Wednesday:

  • overly permissive
  • tend to spoil their children
  • parenting style
  • a range of negative long-term consequences
  • to raise respectful and well-behaved children
  • a certain amount of discipline
  • Having worked with children myself,.....
  • clear expectations and boundaries
  • to push against these boundaries
  • to regulate their desires
  • develop self control
  • constantly give in to their children’s demands
  • doing more harm than good
  • failing their children
  • indulgent or lenient parents
  • negative personality traits
  • The first and most obvious danger
  • self-centred adults
  • show little consideration for the feelings or needs of others
  • One consequence of such an attitude
  • unable to work successfully in teams
  • impulsiveness
  • lack the patience
  • to carefully consider options
  • compulsive shopping
  • unwise financial decisions
  • criminal activity
  • I do not believe that..... supports this objective

Notice that this is all "topic vocabulary", which contributes to the 'task response' and 'lexical resource' scores. The words and phrases above are the key reason why my essay would easily achieve a band 9.

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