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IELTS Vocabulary: essay review

Here's a quick review of the 'band 7 to 9' vocabulary in the essay that I shared on Wednesday:

  • shoulder a huge responsibility
  • raising children
  • by no means an easy task
  • attend parenting courses
  • take a parenthood preparation course
  • prospective parents
  • busy schedules
  • may not be willing or able to
  • this raises the question of
  • to enforce the idea
  • compulsory training
  • what good parenting entails
  • to suit everyone
  • without formal help
  • official interference
  • the surrounding culture
  • learn by instinct
  • learn by trial and error
  • try different strategies
  • a badly-behaved child
  • develop an understanding
  • a taught course
  • such a scheme
  • unworkable and largely pointless

What connection do you see between the list of vocabulary above and the advice in yesterday's speaking lesson?

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