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IELTS Vocabulary: essay review

 Here are the "band 7 to 9" phrases from Wednesday's essay. See if you can write a full sentence with each of these phrases.

  • technological developments
  • lead to the loss of
  • this assertion
  • it may be true in the case of
  • seem to be unaffected by
  • advances in technology that have driven industrialisation
  • contributed to the disappearance of
  • in pre-industrial Britain
  • generations of families grew up in small communities
  • a strong sense of identity
  • shared customs and beliefs
  • led to the dispersal of families
  • villages are inhabited by commuters
  • traditional cultures still thrive
  • have been completely untouched by
  • hunt and gather food
  • traditional skills are passed on to children by parents and elders
  • are embracing communications technologies
  • access to information
  • from weather predictions to market prices
  • helps them to prosper
  • have survived and even flourished

Vocabulary was a strong feature in Wednesday's essay, but I'll talk about some other aspects of the essay tomorrow.

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