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IELTS Vocabulary: essay analysis

 Did you analyse the essay in Wednesday's lesson? Here are some good phrases that you could try to use yourself:

  • seen as places of opportunity
  • major drawbacks
  • a large metropolis
  • the average inhabitant
  • the cost of living
  • urban areas, rural areas
  • high crime and poverty rates
  • the air quality is poor
  • public transport systems are overcrowded
  • take steps to tackle these problems
  • affordable housing
  • ban vehicles
  • promote the use of cleaner public transport
  • traffic congestion, a congestion charge
  • curb the traffic problem
  • provincial towns
  • reduce the pressure on
  • implement a range of measures
  • enhance the quality of life

Remember that 'topic vocabulary' is the key to a high score in writing task 2.

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