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IELTS Vocabulary: editing and improving

You won't have time to do this in your test, but it's a good idea to edit and improve the essays that you write at home.

For example, in the music essay that I shared on Wednesday, there's a phrase that we could improve: "the planet's global language".

While this phrase is fine and wouldn't affect the essay's score, you could argue that it contains repetition because 'planet' and 'global' communicate similar meanings. Note: We could simply write "the planet's language" or "the global language", but I wanted to use this structure: noun + adjective + language.

So let's think about some possible alternatives:

  1. the planet's shared language
  2. the planet's common language
  3. humanity's global language
  4. our global language

Notice that I changed the adjective 'global' in the first two examples, I used a different noun (humanity) in example 3, and I used a pronoun instead of the noun 'planet' in example 4. Which alternative do you prefer?

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