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IELTS Vocabulary: 'easy' theme

Here's my quick brainstorm on the theme of the word 'easy'. I've divided it into a few different categories; you might find it helpful to do this yourself when brainstorming ideas.

Synonyms of 'easy'

  • simple, straightforward, uncomplicated, effortless

Informal phrases

  • a piece of cake, a walk in the park, a breeze, a doddle

Phrases with opposites

  • it wasn't difficult, it wasn't hard, it didn't take much effort, it wasn't very challenging, it didn't present any real problems, I didn't really struggle

Use an example to create context e.g. 'the exam was easy'

  • it was fairly simple, I found it quite straightforward, I breezed through it, I could have done it in my sleep, it was easier than I expected

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