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IELTS Vocabulary: band 7-9 phrases

Here are the best words and phrases from Wednesday's essay. Note them down, and try to use them in your own sentences - perhaps you could even try rewriting the essay using the list below to help you.

  • household waste
  • new legislation
  • just one possible way to tackle the problem
  • a legal obligation
  • householders
  • fail to adhere to this law
  • prison sentences for repeat offenders
  • act as a deterrent
  • encourage people to obey
  • improved behaviour of homeowners
  • a clean, waste-free environment
  • put education at the centre of a recycling campaign
  • the environmental impact of household waste
  • Another tactic that governments could use
  • create stricter regulations
  • packaging for household products
  • recycling facilities and systems
  • waste is processed more effectively
  • dispose of their waste more responsibly

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