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IELTS Grammar / Vocabulary: too simple?

In Wednesday's lesson I said that the sentence below needed to be corrected and improved.

  • Fierce debates have been provoked if assignments ought to be done by students.

In the "comments" below the lesson, I suggested two corrected versions:

  • People have different views about whether school pupils should have to do homework.
  • Opinions differ as to whether (or not) school children should be given homework.

But a student (Kami) asked a useful question:

Hi Simon. You made it too simple. What if I were fascinated by more advanced and complex structures to use while I apply correct grammar? I failed to find any grammar mistakes in the first sentence.

How do you think I should answer Kami's question? Are my suggestions too simple? And what advice do you think I should give about the issue of "advanced and complex structures"? I'll give you my answer and advice in tomorrow's lesson.

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