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IELTS Grammar: opinion + conditional

Try this useful technique for IELTS writing and speaking:

Give an opinion, then follow it with a conditional sentence.

Look at these examples:

  1. In my opinion, governments should invest more money in public transport. If rail and bus services were more reliable, fewer people would need to drive.
  2. Schools have an important role to play in children's health. If schools banned junk food, they would help to reduce the problem of childhood obesity.
  3. In the future I think more people will do their shopping online. But if Internet shopping becomes more popular, many traditional shops will lose customers.

I've underlined the conditionals. Examples 1 and 2 are second conditionals, while 3 uses the first conditional.

Prepare your own "opinion + conditional" ideas for different topics. Having a few of these ideas ready could help you in the writing and speaking tests.

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