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IELTS Grammar: mistakes and corrections

Let's look at the grammar problems in last Sunday's lesson.

1. Don't write "growth population". You need to write "population growth".
2. You can't write "the number of public" because 'public' is uncountable.
3. Don't write "there was" when giving a future prediction.
4. You can't put "alike" before a noun, so "alike growth rate" is wrong.
5. Don't put "is" after a plural (prospects is), and you can't write "by meanwhile".

Here are my corrected versions of the sentences:

  1. Population growth in England is projected at 5.9%.
  2. The number of people living in England is projected to grow by 5.9%.
  3. There will be a 5.9% increase in England's population.
  4. There are similar population growth trends in Northern Ireland and Scotland.
  5. The population is expected to grow by 3.2% in Scotland and by 4.3% in Northern Ireland.

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