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IELTS Band 6.5 essay sample: Youngsters resort to violence to give vent to their frustration


In many countries, youngsters protest against the system by damaging public properties. Is this justified?

The world has become more diverse in recent past. Sometimes diversity also causes unrest between people belonging to different religion, cast and creed. Many a time disagreements between such groups lead to clashes and youngsters resort to violence to give vent to their anger. Damaging public properties is one of them. Disagreement may lead to healthy discussions and it is also considered a virtue in democracies. But violence and damage to public properties are not at all accepted in any healthy society.

In many countries this phenomenon is a result of intolerance. Even a small hurt to religious sentiments causes eruption of violence and public properties are being targeted first. Youngsters feel that by doing so they are exercising their right to protest. These young people consider that damaging public property is a way to register their protest against administration. At times these youngsters also resort to such behavior to pretest against government policies.

Such trends are not at all healthy. Violence by any means must be condemned. There are many other ways to protest. Damaging public properties is not only violence but also wastage of public money. These properties are being bought from the tax that public pays and they are for the public use. Youth must be sensitised about this fact.

To prevent damaging public facilities, many governments have enacted laws. Miscreants are penalised heavily under those laws.

In a summary, the idea of damaging public property for any reason is not at all acceptable and society must curb the menace. Society should publicly embarrass such people. Laws should be enforced strictly in such cases. And such unlawful elements must be penalized heavily.

I am sure the future is bright. Society will be free of such violence and protest will be held in civilized manner.

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