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How to write ‘problems and solutions’ type of essay in IELTS writing task 2?


In IELTS Writing , IELTS examiners want you to discuss the problems in one paragraph and possible solutions of that problem in the second paragraph separately. Therefore, it is important that you find out relevant points of problems and solutions respectively for IELTS Writing after reading the question.

Let’s look at an example:
It has transformed the way information is shared.

What are the problems being faced due to this?

Suggest some possible solutions for dealing with these problems.
With this type of essay, you have two points to be discussed:

1. Problems faced due to information exchange via internet

2. Possible solutions of problems faced due to information exchange via internet.

You must discuss both of them by giving reasons and support them with examples.

If you do not discuss any of the above two points in the essay, you will lose marks.

So, in this type of essay, you must explain both the points.

How to structure answer for IELTS Writing ?

The IELTS Writing essay can be structured mainly in 4 paragraphs as follows:


1: Introduction
2: Problems
3: Solutions
4: Conclusion

Further structuring of the paragraphs for IELTS Writing can be done as follows:

a. Paragraph 1- Introduction

1- Paraphrase the Question

2-Outline the sentence
b. Paragraph 2- Body Paragraph 1 (Problems)

1- State the problem

2- Explain the problem

3-What can be the result of this problem

4-Write an example
c. Paragraph 3- Body Paragraph 2 (Solutions)

1- State the solution

3- Write an example
d. Paragraph 4- Conclusion

1- Write summary of the main points

2-Provide advice or predict the future

Four paragraphs are sufficient to explain your point of view.

Sample Question:

spend about 40 minutes on this task.

Write about the following topic:
Internet has completely transformed the way information is shared but this has led to many serious problems.

The problems being faced due to this?

Suggest some possible solutions for dealing with these problems.
Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

Write at least 250 words.

Sample Answer:

In this modern world, internet has though revolutionized the information sharing process but at the same time. It has given birth to various unanticipated problems that people are facing nowadays. This essay addresses these problems that result from the misuse of internet.Also,proposes effective solutions to control them.

So, vast technology and fraudsters take due advantage of this to commit crime such as money theft, child abuse, cyber bullying and others. For example, internet hackers illegally access database of customers in order to conceal their personal and financial information to defraud them. Moreover, these crimes are committed remotely by the criminals and it takes a lot of time for the policemen to identify such fraudsters.

On the other hand, solutions that can help overcoming problems arising due to misuse of the internet. One possible solution is that cyber laws should be well-defined on a global level to control the online activities. Restrictions should be imposed on sharing certain type of information which can have detrimental effects on the minds of individuals. Apart from this, advanced software technology should be used for securing the data of millions of online users.

In conclusion, Several problems that can arise with the sharing of information online but solutions are available too. Information sharing is a global concern as online information is available on the web. It is visible to everyone in the world and hence implementing international laws seem to be the effective solution. Hence, to control and reduce this problem declining further.

(274 words)


Useful vocabulary for Problems

· Foremost problem/Another problem/One of the problems

· Consequence of/Because of/Due to

· Due to this/Because of/Owing to/Lead to

· As a result/Lead to the problem/Can attribute to

Useful vocabulary for Solutions

· One possible solution/ Most viable solution/effective solution/long-term solution

· Can be helpful/beneficial/useful/better/cure

· To eradicate problem/To reduce/To control/To deal with/To handle


Write an essay of minimum 250 words on the following topics. Use the vocabulary mentioned above.
1. In a number of developing countries, the quality of air and water is declining day by day. State the problems due to this? Discuss the possible solutions for dealing with these problems.

2. Also,Many of the urban cities across the globe are highly populated. What kinds of problems do people living in these cities face? Suggest some effective solutions to control these problems.

3.Here, skilled professionals from developing countries such as doctors, teachers and others for immigrating to developed countries is increasing day by day. What sorts of problems may arise because of this? What solutions can help reducing these problems?

4. Also,There are many species of animals who are on the verge of extinction. What are the problems that may arise due to this present situation? Discuss some solutions that can help overcoming this situation.

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