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IELTS Vocabulary: good essay phrases

Let's review the good vocabulary from the essay that I shared on Wednesday. It was full of 'less common' collocations and phrases.

  • with broad implications for
  • may have its dangers
  • the negative implications
  • the cloning of humans
  • genetically modified crops
  • damage whole ecosystems
  • foods become resistant to
  • natural predators
  • humans could be modified or cloned
  • provide body part replacements
  • would be unprecedented
  • a more optimistic prediction
  • mitigate the risks
  • genetic technologies
  • famine in developing countries
  • can be grown in harsh conditions
  • from a medical perspective
  • produce vaccines
  • cure diseases
  • to correct a genetic defect
  • if properly regulated
  • the cloning of individual organs
  • for transplant purposes
  • have a positive impact on our lives
  • people's fears will be unwarranted

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