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Band 7.5 essay sample: Developed nations should give financial aid to undeveloped nations



Developed nations should give financial assistance to undeveloped nations. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?

Student’s response

No doubt, Economic growth and building infrastructure area are a precursor to a sustained prosperity for the developing world. However, I consider having a sincere political will amongst the leaders of the developing nations as the main drive of a great evolution of their countries’ economy rather than aid from the developed nations.

Aid policies were most significant in the post-world war two era. The United States had implemented a policy of marshal aid to Germany so as to deter communist influence in Europe. Apart from its political incentives, the aid had successfully contributed in West Germany’s economic miracle in the sixties. Thus, aid was the cornerstone of one of the most important economies of the world. However, aid could have never have achieved its goal if it was not for an unalterable political will that had triggered the mentioned economic mutation.

Therefore, Aid is useless without a strong leadership. In fact, Aid may cause leadership of developing countries to be lethargic and hesitant to initiate an economic growth.

For example, Jordan, as small country situated in the Middle East, is a perfect embodiment of political lethargy. A lack of will amongst its political factions has caused an awful economic stagnation as well as a chronic dependence on aid from countries such as Japan, Germany and the United states.

In conclusion , Aid from the developed nations may help the poorer countries to spark a great economic wonder, however , it is up to the recipient of the aid to use it an appropriate way in order to realize its people’s hopes and aspirations.

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