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7-day writing course update

My new writing course starts on Monday 10th June, but the final day for signing up to the course will be Wednesday 5th June. So, there are just four days left if you want to join.

Here are some of the things that I'll cover on the course:

  • An overview of how IELTS essays are scored
  • Understanding the four criteria on the band descriptors table
  • Addressing the task, developing and supporting your ideas
  • Presenting a clear position
  • Paragraphing, coherent development of ideas
  • Different types of linking
  • Planning ideas
  • Clear, logical thinking
  • Topic vocabulary, collocations and 'less common' vocabulary
  • The problem with 'academic' / 'big' words and 'phrases for any essay'
  • Vocabulary range and flexibility of vocabulary use
  • The true measure of your level of English
  • How to practise paraphrasing and work on your vocabulary range
  • Grammar: true understanding of accuracy, range and complexity

Of course, I'll use examples of good writing to demonstrate everything, and we'll score and rewrite a student's essay so that you can see exactly how I use the band descriptors.

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