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Internet, Chat Slang and Abbreviation List


Internet Slang and Abbreviation List

Online text-based communication is very populer nowadays. Today, Almost everyone use social media like, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and etc… So typing abbreviations, acronyms and emoticons are more populer when we send messages on mobile phones and computer.

Here is Most important Internet abbreviations and theirs meanings. Please follow the list;

AFAIKAs far as I knowLMKLet me know
AKAAlso known asLOLLaugh out loud
AMAAsk me anythingNMNot much
BRBBe right backNRNNo reply necessary
BTWBy the wayNVMNever mind
CUSee youOMGOh my God
CYSCheck your settingsOMWOn my way
EOBDEnd of Business DayOTOHOn the other hand
FACKFull acknowledgePOVPoint of view
FAQFrequently asked questionsPPLPeople
FKAFormerly known asSCNRSorry could not resist
FYIFor you informationSMHShaking my head
HBDHappy birthdaySPOCSingle point of contact
HMBHit me backTBATo be announced
HMUHit me upTBHTo be honest
HTHHope this helpsTGIFThank God is Friday
ICYMIIn case you missed itTHXThanks
IDCI don’t careTMIToo much information
IDKI don’t knowTTYLTalk to you later
IKRI know rightTTYSTalk to you soon
ILYI love youTYVMThank you very much
IMHOIn my humble opinionWFMWorks for me
IMOIn my opinionWRTWith regard to
IMOIn my opinionYAMYet another meeting
JKJust kiddingYMMVYour mileage may vary

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