IELTS Speaking: when to worry about tenses

 In a recent lesson I explained why I'm not a fan of the 'PPF technique' for part 2 of the speaking test. I believe that candidates should focus on giving a good description in part 2, instead of worrying about verb tenses.

If the examiner wants to test your use of verb tenses, he/she can do this in part 3 of the test, by choosing certain questions.

Here are some typical 'tense' questions from speaking part 3:

- Do you think _____ is different now, compared to when you were a child?
Did your teachers _____ when you were at school?
- How do you think _____ will change in the future?

Listen carefully for these 'tense' questions in part 3. The examiner will be listening closely to the verbs that you use in your answers!

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