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IELTS Speaking Part 3: longer answers

 Do you remember my advice about how to give longer answers in part 3?

  • Answer the question directly
  • Explain your answer (ask your self why)
  • Give an example
  • Mention an alternative or opposite answer

Example question
Do you think the seasons still influence people's behaviour?

Example answer
(direct answer) Yes, I do think the seasons still affect how we behave. (explain how) We still wear different clothes depending on the weather, and clothes shops change what they sell according to the season. We also adapt our habits and daily routines according to the time of year. (example) For example, people in my country like to eat outside in their gardens in the summer, but we can't do that during the other seasons. (opposite) On the other hand, I don't think we notice the change in seasons when it comes to food; the big supermarkets import food from around the world, so most people don't buy seasonal fruit and vegetables any more.

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