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IELTS Speaking Part 2: website for work or studies

 Let's consider some ideas for the task below.

Describe a website you use that helps you a lot in your work or studies.
You should say

- what the website is
- how often you use the website
- what information the website gives you
- and explain how your work or studies would change if this website didn't exist.

If you were thinking of choosing Google as your website, here's a suggestion: maybe it would be more interesting to describe Google Scholar instead. This is a great tool for university students.

Here are some ideas that you could use in your description:

  • a free academic search engine
  • it searches scholarly sources, such as academic publishers
  • easy to use - the same interface as normal Google
  • it finds article titles and provides bibliographic information
  • e.g. author, journal, year of publication
  • it finds both restricted and publicly available articles
  • it provides links to related articles
  • you can search by year of publication
  • bookmark articles to read later

If you've used Google Scholar as a student (or teacher), try using the above ideas to create your description. Don't forget to add your own examples, experiences or stories to make the description more personal.

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