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IELTS Speaking Part 2: useful vocabulary

 Here's a list of useful vocabulary from last week's 'journey' description.

First, some collocations:

  • took a journey, made a journey
  • a bad journey
  • a peaceful trip, a quieter trip
  • a half-empty train
  • a prepaid ticket
  • an available seat
  • loud voices
  • the station concourse
  • football fans
  • a big match
  • find a seat
  • noisy fans, excited fans, friendly fans, good-natured fans
  • a comfortable seat

And some nice phrases for stories:

  • I'll never forget this particular time
  • something happened that I wasn't expecting
  • It was a (Sunday) morning
  • I was due in (London)
  • But my first surprise came when...
  • I was still wondering about this when...
  • Suddenly I realised what was happening
  • Luckily I managed to
  • In the end, I just...
  • All in all, it wasn't (a bad journey)
  • I would have preferred
  • Even so, (I made sure that...)

Try using some of the phrases above when telling your own stories.

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