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IELTS Speaking Part 2: I'm going to talk about...

 I noticed a comment from someone who didn't like the phrase "I'm going to talk about" (at the beginning of a part 2 description). He/she described "I'm going to talk about" as an old-fashioned template phrase.

Is this true? Is it an old-fashioned template phrase? The answer is no!

I'm going to talk about is neither old-fashioned nor part of a template. It is simply a natural way to begin your description. As a native English speaker, I would use this phrase without thinking twice about it.

Tip: In the speaking and writing tests, it's best to use short, simple phrases for linking and organising your ideas. Stop worrying about these phrases, and focus on what comes after them: your answer and the 'topic vocabulary' that you use to express your ideas.

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