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IELTS Speaking Part 2: educational TV programme

 Describe an educational television programme that you liked.

You should say

- what the programme was about
- when and where you saw it
- how you found out about this programme
- and why you liked it.

Here's my band 9 answer. Can you see any 'less common' vocabulary?

  • I’m going to talk about one of my favourite educational TV programmes, which is a nature documentary called ‘Planet Earth’. There were eleven episodes of this programme, and each one featured a different habitat on Earth, such as mountains, caves, deserts and jungles. The aim of the ‘Planet Earth’ series was to take the viewer into those habitats, using spectacular footage of interesting animals, plants and landscapes.
  • I first saw ‘Planet Earth’ on television when it was broadcast by the BBC several years ago. I think it was shown every Sunday evening, which was the perfect time to watch a fascinating nature programme. Then, a few years a ago, somebody bought me the DVD box set of the whole series as a Christmas present, and I watched the episodes again.
  • I found out about this TV programme because it was advertised repeatedly in the weeks before it was first aired. The TV trailers were really eye-catching because they showed incredibly beautiful images of nature. I also recognised the voice of the narrator of the programme, the well-known naturalist David Attenborough. It was these trailers that persuaded me to watch the first episode.
  • What I liked most about the ‘Planet Earth’ series was its stunning photography and its global scope. For example, in the “Fresh Water” episode, they showed us the giant salamander in Japan, crocodiles in the river Nile, and river dolphins in the Amazon. I was amazed at how they had managed to film such interesting creatures in so many locations. I enjoyed learning about strange animal species, and the programme opened my eyes to the hidden wonders of our planet.

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