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IELTS Speaking Part 2: describe a photo

 As I said in last Friday's lesson, the task below isn't really about a photograph. It's about whatever is in the photograph (e.g. an event).

Describe a photograph of you that you like. You should say

- where the photo was taken
- what you were doing when it was taken
- who took it
- and explain why you like the photo.

Let's imagine that we are going to describe a graduation photo - a photograph of you on the day of your university graduation ceremony.

See if you can include the following phrases in your description:

  • graduation ceremony
  • professional photographer
  • traditional academic dress / outfit
  • wore a gown / robe and cap / hood
  • holding my certificate
  • made myself and my family proud
  • the culmination of several years of hard work
  • achieved my dream
  • a landmark, a key moment, a pivotal moment
  • marks the end of a stage in my life
  • reminds me of my university days
  • brings back happy memories
  • remember feeling elated, overjoyed

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