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IELTS Speaking Part 2: 'describe a photo' answer

 Describe a photograph of you that you like. You should say

- where the photo was taken
- what you were doing when it was taken
- who took it
- and explain why you like the photo.

Here's my full answer using the vocabulary ideas from this lesson:

  • The photograph that immediately comes to mind when I think of one that I like is my university graduation photo. It was taken just before the graduation ceremony that marked the end of my undergraduate degree. You can’t see anything in the background of the photo, but it was actually taken in the students’ cafe next to the hall where the ceremony was held.
  • In the photo, I’m wearing the traditional clothing for university graduates: a black gown and an academic cap, which is often called a mortar board. I’m also holding my rolled-up degree certificate. Obviously this was a formal portrait photo, and so I was standing still, smiling and looking into the camera.
  • The person who took the photo was a professional photographer. He had been hired by the university to set up in the cafe and take photos of graduates before the ceremony. He had a white screen, some lighting devices, and an assistant who took payments and collected our details.
  • The reason why I like my graduation photo is that it reminds me of a pivotal moment in my life. Being presented with my degree certificate at the graduation ceremony was the culmination of four years of hard work, and it marked the end of the ‘education’ stage of my life. I had achieved my objectives and made my family proud, and I knew that the next step was to look for my first proper job. Whenever I look at the photo it brings back happy memories, both of my university days and of the relief and contentment that I felt on my graduation day.

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