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IELTS Speaking Part 2: 'apartment' vocabulary review

 Did you note down the following phrases from last week's answer? Maybe you can reuse some of them in your own descriptions.

  • brand new
  • on the edge of the main commercial area
  • the apartment overlooks...
  • put (something) on the market = to advertise something for sale
  • to view properties
  • to go along with someone = to go with someone / to accompany
  • nothing too remarkable = nothing special
  • as far as I remember
  • an off-white colour
  • floors were done in whitish tiles
  • kitchen appliances, kitchen surfaces
  • dark grey granite
  • the main feature
  • in terms of the look (= the appearance) of the apartment
  • floor-to-ceiling window
  • allowed the sunlight to flood in
  • white and silver decor
  • wasn't to my taste
  • cool, clean and spacious
  • open-plan kitchen and living room
  • all sorts of gadgets
  • operated by a mobile phone app
  • I found it fascinating that
  • up-to-the-minute technology
  • taking a glimpse into the future

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