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IELTS Speaking Advice: my view on the 'PPF' idea

 In this lesson I asked for your views on a technique that some students and teachers are using: they use three verb tenses (past, present, future - PPF) to organise their speaking part 2 answers. In other words, they begin by answering in the past tense, then they move to the present and into the future.

Here's my view on this:

I'm not a fan of this PPF technique because it encourages you to go into the speaking test with a 'grammar mindset'. Your brain is focusing on verb tenses instead of more important things: the task, the bullet points, your ideas, and the vocabulary that you're going to use to express those ideas.

If there's one thing that I stand against as an English / IELTS teacher, it's the 'grammar mindset' and the idea that you can impress the examiner with 'complex structures'.

I'm a 'vocabulary mindset' teacher. I want my students to focus on the 'true content' of their answers, rather than grammar tricks.

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