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IELTS Speaking Part 2: less common vocabulary

 Here's a list of 'less common' vocabulary from the descriptions in last Friday's lesson. If I can use these phrases in my description (next Friday), I'll be able to give myself a band 9 for vocabulary!

  • atomic habits
  • a world-renowned expert
  • the compound effect of hundreds of small decisions
  • a ground-breaking book
  • minuscule changes
  • life-altering outcomes
  • life hacks
  • cutting-edge psychology
  • he tells inspiring stories
  • the science of tiny habits
  • productive, motivated and happy
  • a dramatic positive effect on my life
  • well researched, well reasoned, and well written
  • makes a significant and long-lasting difference

Quick exercise:
Take just three of the phrases above, and try to use them in full sentences. Share your sentences in the 'comments' below.

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