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Collocations With MAKE in English

 Collocations list in English. Please follow the list;

Collocation” means a group of words which usually go together. To reach detailed collocation list with make in english, follow the list;

Collocations With MAKE
make an appointmentmake a fortune
make chargemake money
make an effortsmake friends
make a decisionmake fun of sby
make breakfastmake love
make lunchmake a mess
make dinnermake a mistake
make a choicemake a noise
make an exceptionmake a sound
make an excusemake a phone call
make plansmake a mistake
make progressmake a profit
make the bedmake a suggestion
make a wishmake an attempt
make a pointmake an offer
make a requestmake a mistake
make changesmake furniture
make paymentmake room
make clearmake trouble
make an excusemake a cake


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