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Where + To Be

 WHERE is a question word that is used to ask about a place or location.

(= I want to know the place, position or location)

The following table shows you the word order of questions with Where when it is used with To Be.

WhereTo BeSubjectExample Answers
WhereamI ?You're in the hospital.
Whereareyou ?I'm at work.
Whereishe ?He's at home.
Whereisshe ?She's in the store.
Whereisit ?It's on the table.
Wherearewe ?You're at my new job
Whereareyou ?We're at school.
Wherearethey ?They're at university.

You can also ask where things or places are:

WhereTo BeSubjectExample Answers
Whereismy book ?It's on the table.
Wherearemy books ?They're on the desk.

Is + singular word
Are + plural word.

Other examples of Where + To Be

  • Where is the Statue of Liberty? It's in New York.
  • Where is the Eiffel Tower? It's in Paris.
  • Where are your parents right now? They're on holiday.
  • Where is your favorite restaurant? It's downtown.

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