Phrasal Verbs TAKE, Definition and Example Sentences

 English Phrasal Verbs TAKE, Definition and Example Sentences

Take after sb

To resemble sb. If you take after sb, you are similar to or resemble someone in appearance or character or attitude or behavior, etc.


  • He takes after his father.
  • take after my sister with my love of roses.


Take apart

To separate sthIf you take something apart, you seperate it into its component parts.


  • The teacher will take apart our essays in front of the class.
  • She took apart the scene in detail.

Take on

To accept jobetcIf you take something on, you accept a job or work or responsibility.


  • The woman takes too much on. Probably
  • She will be ill. I can’t take on too much work.


Take against

To start to dislike sb/sth. If you take against someone or something, you start to dislike someone or something.


  • take against him. Because he is not sympathetic.
  • After she imitated my project, I took against her.

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