IELTS Writing Task 2: vocabulary review

 Here's a list of topic vocabulary from the essay that I shared last week.

  • the power to unite and connect people
  • regardless of their cultural backgrounds
  • reach across cultural and national boundaries
  • concerts that took place
  • back in the 1980s
  • were broadcast to a global audience
  • two events were held simultaneously
  • to raise funds for
  • famine relief
  • a huge success
  • international public awareness
  • the planet's common / shared language
  • music transcends cultures
  • different generations
  • a memorable melody
  • a strong rhythm
  • a beautiful singing voice
  • have a magical effect on us
  • popular prime-time shows
  • attract incredibly broad audiences
  • appeal to children, parents and grandparents alike
  • form of entertainment
  • bring families together
  • is unique in its capacity to
  • create shared experiences
  • irrespective of culture and age

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