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IELTS Writing Task 2: from plan to paragraph

 When you have written a plan, you then need to turn your notes into full sentences. Let's try this using the paragraph plan below.

Paragraph plan:

- High street shops are disappearing because of online stores.
- Online shopping is faster, cheaper and more convenient.
- People can sit at home, search for deals, receive delivery the next day.
- It is impossible for normal stores to compete with the range of choice.
- Personal example: recent purchases on Amazon.

Full paragraph:

In my opinion, high street shops are disappearing due to competition from online shopping websites, which are cheaper and more convenient. Web-based stores allow customers to search for the best deals, make purchases from the comfort of their homes, and receive delivery of their purchased items the next day. Furthermore, it is impossible for traditional bricks-and-mortar stores to compete with the range of choice that can be found online. For example, I recently used the website Amazon to buy some fairly rare academic textbooks that were not stocked at my local bookshop. As a customer, the fact that I can find any product imaginable online makes it almost pointless for me to make a trip to my local high street.

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