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IELTS Writing Task 1: too much information!

 When the graph or chart contains a lot of information, you won't be able to include every number. Here's an example of how you might deal with this problem.

Task: My aim is to write a paragraph about the information highlighted in yellow. I want to write three sentences only!

Average distance in miles travelled per person per year, by mode of travel

Here's my three-sentence paragraph about the 'yellow' data:

In 1985, the average person travelled 3,199 miles by car, and this rose to 4,806 miles in the year 2000. The figures for miles travelled by train, long distance bus, taxi and other modes also increased from 1985 to 2000. Travel by taxi saw the most significant change, with more than a threefold increase from 13 miles per person per year in 1985 to 42 miles in 2000.

Analysis questions:

1. Did I mention every mode of travel highlighted in yellow?
2. How many numbers did I mention specifically?
3. Which modes of travel did I choose to focus on, and why?

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