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How to Introduce Yourself and Others in English

 How to Introduce Yourself and Others in English

Introducing Others

  • May I introduce our new member?
  • Hi George, this is Rafael, my friend.
  • Do you know Michael?
  • Have you meet George?
  • Let me introduce my wife.
  • Let me introduce you to Dr. Samuel Hemmigton.
  • Mark, this is Michael, my math Teacher.
  • I don’t think you know Mary. Mary this is Alex.

Introducing yourself

  • Hi, I’m Michael.
  • How do you do? My name is Alex.
  • Hello, I’m George.
  • Let me introduce myself? I’m Alexis.
  • Allow me introcude myself. My name is Mary.
  • So, we finally meet.
  • I’d like you to meet…
  • It is a pleasure to meet you.

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